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Interest Group “Usage Data and Beyond”

The IG deals with interoperable usage statistics, e.g. combining usage data from multiple sources or to offer a common robot blacklist. It aims at collecting experiences from several projects and initiatives in order to standardize the gathering of usage data.

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Annual Meeting 2015

COAR-SPARC Conference – Connecting research results, bridging communities, opening scholarship. 15 – 16 April 2015, Porto, Portugal. More…


Interest Group “Repository Impact and Visibility”

This Interest Group will explore and document existing approaches for maximizing repository visibility as well as develop new and innovative strategies for adoption by organizations around the world.

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Interest Group “Controlled Vocabularies for Repository Assets”

The Interest Group will be the new maintainer of the controlled vocabulary („info:eu-repo”)  which was developed by the DRIVER and OpenAIRE initiatives for European repositories.


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Apr 15 COAR-SPARC Conference 2015 Live Streaming

The COAR-SPARC conference “Connecting research, bridging communities, opening scholarship, on April 15 & 16 will be live streamed and recorded. Please access the stream via Please feel free to tweet about the event with #coarsparc2015.

Feb 26 Europe’s OpenAIRE2020 started – COAR involved to strengthen international collaboration

Open access to research results has been recognized by both funders and research institutions as a vital mechanism to spur innovation and to create a fair playing field. The European Commission has been at the forefront of open access and … Continue reading »

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Oct 21 Major international associations reaffirm their support for immediate open access to research articles

On the occasion of Open Access Week, COAR and other international associations are reaffirming their support for immediate open access to research results. As organizations committed to the principle that access to information advances discovery, accelerates innovation and improves education, we endorse … Continue reading »

Oct 08 COAR, CASRAI and regional repository networks launch international group to improve interoperability

Open access (OA) repositories are key components of the research infrastructure. They provide open access to the products of research and reflect an emerging commitment by research institutions towards the stewardship of the research outputs. Repositories are also becoming an … Continue reading »

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