COAR is an international association that brings together individual repositories and repository networks in order to build capacity, align policies and practices, and act as a global voice for the repository community.

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Our Collective Voice

COAR acts as the international voice for the repository community, and promotes the vision of an inclusive and sustainable …


Next Generation Repositories

Next Generation Repositories (NGRs) is an ongoing initiative of COAR to identify common behaviours, protocols and technologies that will …


Training and Capacity Building

Providing support for the Open Access repository community is an important objective for COAR. COAR participates in numerous conferences, …

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A global repository network

COAR is an international association with 157 members and partners from 52 countries, representing libraries, universities, research institutions, government funders and others.

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COAR would like to especially thank our supporting members who contribute to COAR’s sustainability by providing extra funding beyond membership fees. Current supporting members of COAR are: