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Towards a global knowledge commons

Strategic Plan

Who we are

The Confederation of Open Access Repositories (COAR) is an international association with over 100 members and partners from around the world representing libraries, universities, research institutions, government funders and others. COAR brings together the repository community and major repository networks in order build capacity, align policies and practices, and act as a global voice for the repository community.


A sustainable, global knowledge commons based on a network of open access digital repositories


To enhance the visibility and application of research outputs through a global network of open access repositories based on international collaboration and interoperability.

COAR Strategic Directions 2016-2018

To realize our mission and achieve this vision, COAR will focus on community, leadership and engagement at the international level.

Four strategic directions will guide COAR’s activities:

  1. Promote the development of a sustainable, global network of open access repositories as key elements of international research infrastructures in support of excellence in scholarship and education
  2. Provide support for the OA repository community and build local capacity for the development and management of repositories and repository networks
  3. Define and promote interoperability, common standards, and best practices for repositories, repository networks and with other related systems
  4. Stimulate the development and adoption of value-added services for repositories and repository networks


For more information download the COAR Strategy 2016-2018 and Work Plan 2017.