Strategic Plan

Who we are

The World Confederation of Open Access Repositories (COAR) is a young, fast growing association of repository initiatives and networks. COAR unites and represents more than 90 institutions worldwide (Europe, Asia, Latin America, the U.S. and Canada).


A global knowledge infrastructure, based on worldwide networked open access digital repositories


To facilitate greater visibility and application of research outputs through global networks of open access repositories based on interoperability and international cooperation

COAR Strategic directions 2012-2015

Overall, to fulfil our mission and reach our vision, COAR strategy will focus on Community, Leadership and Support at an international scope. Implementation will be guided by four strategic directions:

  1.  To promote the development of a global, sustainable network of open access repositories as key element of the evolving international scientific information infrastructure, including social sciences and humanities, in support of excellence in research and education
  2.  To provide support for the OA repository community from institutions, countries, regions and disciplines, through international cooperation and information sharing
  3.  To define and promote interoperability, standards, and infrastructure policies
  4.  To stimulate the development and take-up of user added-value services on top of the repositories.

For more information about the COAR strategy download the document.

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