Advocacy & Leadership

COAR acts as the international voice for the repository community and promotes the vision of a global knowledge commons based on an international network of open access repositories. This is a critical time for research communications. Governments and funding agencies are making important decisions about policy implementation and infrastructure investments. COAR works to ensure that we have the infrastructure in place to support fair and sustainable scholarly communication system. A system in which all researchers can participate, regardless of geographic location or discipline. To that end, COAR advocated for a more open and sustainable scholarly communication system and speaks out against policies and practices that are inconsistent with this vision.

Related Activities

Call for Action! COAR calls on the scholarly community to work together to support and contribute to a system that is truly open, functional, and driven by the needs of the research community.

Next Generation Repositories: In April 2016, COAR launched a new group to identify the functionalities and technologies required for the next generation of repositories

Aligning Repository Networks: In March 2014, COAR launched a major initiative to align repository networks.

Strategic Reports

Statements and Guidelines

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