Aligning Repository Networks

Major networks endorse International Accord (May 8, 2017)

Open access repositories are increasingly connected through thematic, national and regional networks. Although there are unique requirements in each jurisdictional context, repository networks must be aligned across the world in order to support the truly global nature of research and scholarly communication.

A major strategic priority for COAR is to align repository networks in order to create a seamless global repository network and demonstrate that repositories offer a viable solution for open access. In 2014, COAR launched a major initiative to further aligning practices globally making their collections more valuable as it enables new services to be built on top of their aggregated contents.

The activities target three levels of engagement: (1) strategic, (2) technical and semantic interoperability, and (3) services.

Recent News

Europe and Latin America expand their collaboration for open science (January 2017)

Asia OA Summit in Kuala Lumpur, Canada (November 2016)

CARL-COAR Next Generation Repositories Meeting in Ottawa, Canada (November 2016)

2016 Chinese Institutional Repository Conference and launch of the new repository group in China, CHAIR (September 2016)

Release of COAR “Resource Type” Vocabulary for Open Access Repositories (October 2016)


Aligning Repositories Networks Meeting (March 2014)

Aligning Repositories Networks Meeting (April 2015)

Meeting of COAR, LA Referencia, OpenAIRE and SHARE (July 2015)

Meeting of COAR, LA Referencia, and OpenAIRE (November 2015)

Aligning Repositories Networks Meeting (April 2016)


Current State of Alignment and Roadmap (December 2016) – this report was a deliverable for the international alignment work that COAR is doing in the OpenAIRE2020 Project

Report of the Promotional Workshop in Latin America (December 2015)

Aligning Repository Networks 2015 – Milestone Meeting Report (November 2015)

Promoting Open Knowledge and Open Science – Report of the Current State of Repositories (May 2015)

Towards a Seamless Global Research Infrastructure (April 2014)



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