info:eu-repo is an application profile defining vocabulary encoding schemes and terms.
It is hosted at SURF:

The namespace info:eu-repo is registered at
This name space is an authoritative placeholder for semantic terms, controlled vocabularies and identifiers.
By using this namespace all the terms used have a “web presence”. Therefore it is no longer an arbitrary string, but contains meaning. This utilisation makes it future-proof.

The INFO URI namespace has been DISCONTINUED since 22 May 2010!! The website writes: “it has been deemed appropriate to close the registry to further “info” namespace registrations. The “info” registry willcontinue to be supported for the foreseeable future, although prudent adopters should consider migrating their resource identity requirements towards mainstream Web practices over the long term.”

The following tables provide a mapping between info:eu-repo and COAR Controlled Vocabularies.
(This is work in progress)

Mapping of COAR Resource Type Vocabulary with info:eu-repo/semantics publication types

Backward compatibility to the controlled list of publication types in info:eu-repo/semantics is taken serious.
The table below suggests a mapping from terms in info:eu-repo/semantics to corresponding concepts in the COAR Resource Type vocabulary.

Term in info:eu-repo/semantics/ concept label concept URI comment
article journal article
bachelorThesis bachelor thesis
masterThesis master thesis
doctoralThesis doctoral thesis
book book
bookPart book part
review review
bookReview book review
conferenceObject conference object
conferencePaper conference paper
conferencePoster conference poster
conferenceProceedings conference proceedings
conferenceContribution conference object
ConferenceItem conference object
ConferencePaper conference paper not in proceedings
ConferencePoster conference poster not in proceedings
lecture lecture
workingPaper working paper
preprint preprint
report report
reportPart report part
annotation annotation this concept has now a wider scope than just ‘a note to a legal judgment’
contributionToPeriodical work in progress
patent patent
other other
researchProposal research proposal
studentThesis there is currently no exact equivalent concept; suggested concepts are ‘master thesis’ or ‘thesis’
technicalDocumentation technical documentation

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