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Towards a global knowledge commons

Spanish Webinar: Towards the Universality of Open Access

Begin: May 22, 2013 3:00 pm

End: May 22, 2013 5:00 pm


Open Access Repositories, whose numbers have been increasing in recent years, are an important component of e-research infrastructure. However, each repository taken individually has limited value for research. Therefore, the wealth of repositories lies in the potential of interconnection that allows the creation of a network of repositories. It is this interconnection that can provide unified access to research results and allows them to be (re) used other researchers.

The purpose of this virtual workshop is to provide a general overview of the requirements for interoperability of Open Access Repositories, to identify key issues and challenges to be addressed and to present examples of how interoperability between repositories enables the creation of value-added services for scientists so that they find new ways to tackle with major research challenges facing society in our time.

Only as a global network (infrastructure), across continents and around the world, open access repositories to new forms of research and support for new models of scholarly communication.

This webinar is a regional COAR event organized by CLARA (Cooperación Latino Americana de Redes Avanzadas – Latin American Cooperation of Advanced Networks). RedCLARA and LA Referencia member institutions are members of the Confederation of Open Access Repositories. The webinar will be held in Spanish.

15:00 GMT: Welcome and connection settings

Carmen Gloria Labbe, Director of Innovation and Development, CLARA, Vice Chairperson of the COAR Executive Board

15:10 GMT: Interoperability, the key to reaching the true value of open access to science

Eloy Rodrigues, University of Minho, Portugal, Chair of COAR Working Group Interoperability

15:40 GMT: LA REFERENCIA: scientific production in an Latin America network

Malgorzata Lisowska, LA Referencia Project, Colombia, COAR member.

16:10 GMT: Harmonizing academic cooperation in the world

Luis Nuñez, CLARA – CHAIN ​​REDS, Venezuela.

16:30 GMT: Questions and comments


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