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Towards a global knowledge commons

Joint statement about open access by COAR and UNESCO

COAR and UNESCO have published a joint statement about open access which outlines some of the concerns around the drive towards APCs. The statement is aimed at policy makers and underscores the need for a variety of OA models to be implemented around the world

“Open access is a global trend, with policies and practices rapidly being adopted around the world. As the world enters a new era of sustainable development, openness and inclusiveness in scientific research will become increasingly critical. While most governments agree on the underlying principles of open access, there is significant diversity in the way countries have approached its implementation. These differences reflect a range of perspectives, values, and priorities of the different regions. Clearly, there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution to implementing open access.”

The full statement published on May 9, 2016

The statement in English. The UNESCO announcement is available here.

The statement in Chinese.

La declaración en español.

A declaração em português.


2 thoughts on “Joint statement about open access by COAR and UNESCO

    • APCs are article processing charges – for some journals, authors are asked to pay APCs if they want to publish in open access. These fees can be quite high – as much as 3000 Euros.

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