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COAR Webinar: Controlled Vocabularies, October 4th

COAR is pleased to announce a webinar on the topic of “Controlled Vocabularies”.

The webinar is initiated by COAR Controlled Vocabularies Interest Group (CVIG). CVIG is planning series of webinars to provide training and raising awareness on controlled vocabularies. The sessions will target the broader repository and research information infrastructure community as well as COAR member institutions. Considering the varying degrees of knowledge and experience on the topic, the webinars will attempt to address both general, introductory level of issues and the cutting edge topics. CVIG aims to invite speakers from the institutions which have background and use cases of controlled vocabularies in research or cultural information ecosystems and experience in implementing controlled vocabularies in digital library projects.

The first of these webinars is scheduled on Tuesday, October 4th to explain the motivation and the benefits of COAR Controlled Vocabularies and ways to use them. Our two speakers will cover a brief introduction to the proposed topics, an overview of ongoing work of the COAR CVIG and the general basic considerations about controlled vocabularies will be addressed.

The webinar will be openly available on Tuesday, October 4th at 3pm CEST. 

Please fill the registration form. On the day of the event, please use this link to access the webinar.

About Speakers:

  • Jochen Schirrwagen, Software Engineer, Bielefeld University Library
  • Dr. Timo Borst, Head of Department Innovative Information Systems and Publishing Technologies, Leibniz Information Center for Economics
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4 thoughts on “COAR Webinar: Controlled Vocabularies, October 4th

  1. Dear Kristin and Rafael,

    Hope you can take part in the webinar but yes, the webinar will be recorded and made available on COAR web site afterwards.

    Kind regards,

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