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  1. After a discussion with colleagues from Makerere University Library and Consortium of Uganda University Libraries, the following are the challenges we see coming as a result of OA Initiative:
    1. Before, authors could bear with the challenges of doing research and continuously edit there research papers as per the publisher’s standards without worrying about publishing costs. Now that a research has to pay for publishing costs, it means that researchers from poor countries will fail to be promoted because they cannot publish their works in some of these very prestigious journal titles.
    2. While universities can include such publisher fees as part of their budgets to give to researchers to publish their works, this will create and add to the already existing politics among these poor universities and will create low research output. Researchers may lose motivation as they may failure to withstand the challenges of politics.
    3. Marginalized disciplines and professions like Library and information science, may not gain from such budgets as more prestigious disciplines will continue to enjoy such budgets and priority will be given to them.
    4. To have quality research in IR, it will require having editorial committees so that researchers can have their research considered for tenure. The challenge with this is sustainability of such committees requires funding that the university may not have in place.
    1. Need to have a statement in our OA policies that commits universities to have such budgets and give guidance how different disciplines can share without marginalizing the poor disciplines.

    Please contact me on skype ID for further discussion. flugya1

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