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Towards a global knowledge commons

Inviting community input – Pubfair

COAR is inviting community feedback on a white paper authored by Tony Ross-Hellauer, Benedikt Fecher, Kathleen Shearer and Eloy Rodrigues.

The white paper, entitled Pubfair – A Framework for Sustainable, Distributed, Open Science Publishing Services, provides the rationale and describes the high level architecture for an innovative publishing framework that positions publishing functionalities on top of the content managed by a distributed network of repositories.

You can find the white paper online or download the full text as PDF. Please provide your comments directly on the website.

We welcome all relevant input by September 30, 2019.

One thought on “Inviting community input – Pubfair

  1. Hi Pubfair team
    I read your paper with interest. I have a number of points.
    1) It is sketchy with respect to where the servers are located which house the repository layer as well as the platform. This is important because it does matter as to what regulatory compliance standards are needing to be met with respect to both security and privacy.
    2) What happens if the server is hacked and the data stolen and/or interfered with. This is a major concern these days
    3) There is potential for this ambitious entity to become unmanageable with time. What are your plans if your volume of work increases by 50%, 100%, 1000%?
    4) Resourcing is an issue. What is your business model. How will you pay for the additional servers for example if the work volume increases? Plus you will have to maintain a minimum of staff to oversee all of this.

    5) It would really help if you could get regulatory approval from an agency such as the European Commission to go to the next stage. That would provide you with legitimacy and allow you to compete more successfully against the mainstream publishers.

    4) Not all data will be able to be managed via this approach because currently who funds the research often owns the data (and has a say in how it is managed) and may even have copyright over publication. This includes corporations and governments.
    5) You can expect the major publishers to aggressively push back because they will not want to be giving up market share. What will you do if they progressively move more into open access publishing or even preprints?
    6) In most countries promotion up the academic ladder is tied to publishing in high profile journals and or being a member of the Editorial Board. Can you offer anything in the way of Editorial Board status to individuals who undertake similar roles with Pubfair? Because on this matter you will need to demonstrate that you can compete with the established publishers.

    Kind regards
    Deb Verran
    PS I am fully aware of the problems with main stream publishers

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