Major Challenges

What are the major challenges facing the repository community in achieving interoperability? What issues do current interoperability guidelines not address? What problems exist within the research community that might be addressed by interoperability in the future? What are the major barriers for implementing interoperability guidelines? Leave your suggestions in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Major Challenges

  1. Hi! I’m in charge of a institucional repository here in the Universidad de Costa Rica. It is implemented in DSpace, and everything related with interoperability is very useful to me.

  2. We also use DSpace, and have found it very useful in moving us forward as an open repository. Previously, we had a split, as JorumOpen and a repository with resources carrying more restricted licences. One main issue creating some problems with interoperability is re-licensing those resources which do not carry a CC licence. It is very difficult to track down the depositors, not to mention getting the 3rd party stuff sorted. Secondly, on a more technical end of things, authorisation using Shibboleth can often lead to problems, particularly when some institutions use Athens. On our end, we often cannot do anything if another institution’s contract with Athens, for example, has not been renewed properly.

    I think one of the major barriers to implementing interoperability guidelines is a lack of communication among institutions. There remains some significant distrust, which means that the ability to share and find resources is not always as easy as it should be.

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