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Towards a global knowledge commons

Results of COAR membership survey

In July/August 2018, COAR conducted a survey to better understand the value of the organization and identify priority activities for members in the coming years. This report provides the results of the survey, which will be shared with members and considered carefully by COAR as we revise and update the COAR Strategic Plan 2019-2021 and Work Plan 2019.

Map of respondents: the survey had 59 respondents from 23 countries
(respondents location shown in light green in the map above)

Key Takeaways

  • The three biggest challenges related to repositories are (1) user engagement and getting content deposited, (2) awareness and visibility of repository, and (3) research data management.
  • Members most value COAR for (1) staying up to date with current practices for repositories and (2) strengthening the role of repositories in the scholarly communication/research landscape.
  • Top three COAR activities are (1) next generation repositories, (2) research data management, and (3) interoperability and alignment.
  • 66% of respondents are not involved directly in any COAR activities/working groups.
  • 68% of respondents are satisfied with their levels of interaction with COAR, while 27% would like to be more involved.
  • Members want COAR to continue working at the strategic level, but would also like to have more engagement and pragmatic support for repository operations.
  • Members appreciate and derive significant value from COAR’s regional outreach efforts.

One thought on “Results of COAR membership survey

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