The next COAR Annual Meeting and General Assembly will be held in Lima, Peru on April 23-24, 2020

The theme of the meeting this year will be Fostering Diversity in Scholarly Communication

Diversity is an important characteristic of any healthy ecosystem, including scholarly communications. Diversity in services, platforms, funding mechanisms, and evaluation measures will allow the system to accommodate the needs of different research communities and support a variety of workflows, languages, scholarly outputs, and research topics.

At COAR we recognize and celebrate the diversity of our community. At the same time, we understand that diversity cannot thrive unless it is fostered in an intentional way, through strong coordination. This meeting will address how we can use the global repository network to support greater diversity, while also supporting the need for a system that supports international research. We will learn more about the current context in Latin America, and raise awareness of other approaches being developed around the world.

We will also examine the incentive structures and financial frameworks that act as barriers to advancing our vision of an inclusive, diverse, and sustainable system.

A number of pre-conference workshops will take place in Cusco, Peru on April 20-21, 2020 which will involve parallel meetings including for national and international networks,  next generation repositories, and a technical workshop focusing on DSpace software.

The meeting is being jointly organized by COAR, CONCYTEC, Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas and in collaboration with LA Referencia.

More information about the meeting will be available in January 2020.