COAR is pleased to announce the publication of the COAR Strategy 2019-2021 and Work Plan 2020.

Some highlights from the new work plan are:

  • Develop the architecture and protocols to support distributed and scalable peer review on repository content
  • Launch a working group for national aggregators to share information and work together on common challenges
  • Establish the conditions for institutional repositories to be considered appropriate venues for deposit and preservation of research data
  • Undertake a campaign to improve the quality and interoperability of metadata and vocabularies in repositories
  • With a working group, develop recommendations related to the governance, sustainability and architecture for a responsive and comprehensive international repository directory, and work with the community to implement recommendations
  • Advocate for repository-friendly policies, and assist members in adopting good practices related to open access data and article repositories
  • With other stakeholders, prepare a white paper about why bibliodiversity is important and define an institutional strategy to promote investments in diverse scholarly communication services and infrastructure

It is a very ambitious plan and we look forward to engaging with COAR members, partners and other stakeholders to make progress towards our objectives in the coming year.

Download the fullĀ COAR Strategy 2019-2021 and Work Plan 2020 document.