COAR 2021 Annual Meeting and General Assembly took place virtually from September 29 – October 1. It was attended by over 160 people and offered a great opportunity to consult  and discuss current COAR initiatives and priorities with members and partners.

A brief report of the Annual Meeting is available here


Wednesday, September 29
UNESCO Open Science Recommendations 

Ana Peršić, PhD
Programme Specialist, Science Policy and Capacity Building, Science Policy and Partnerships, Natural Sciences Sector, UNESCO.

Dr. Peršić introduced the UNESCO draft Open Science Recommendations, process behind their development, and the next steps for implementation. The presentation was followed by an interactive discussion about the implications of the recommendations for the COAR community, and how we can help with their adoption.

Building a global consensus on Open Science

COAR Strategy for Modernizing Repositories

This session will present the COAR Strategy for Modernizing Repositories, which was launched in July 2021. The strategy involves COAR working with regional and national partners to help position repositories to embrace their new and expansive role in the scholarly communications landscape. The session will include a round table of representatives from different regions to present their action plans, which are tailored to the local context and address each country’s most salient and acute challenges.


Round table slide coming soon: Africa, Latin America, Canada, United States, Asia, Europe

Thursday, September 30
Approaches to Adopting Good Practices in Repositories

This session discussed some of the latest developments around repository criteria, what communities are trying to define new criteria and how these will impact local repositories. We discussed some of the benefits and challenges from different countries around the world and their experiences with trying to implement/adopt certain criteria. Session was moderated by Ilkay Holt.

  1. Gail Steinhart, Cornell University – Introduction and the current context. (So many) Data Repository Good Practices.
  2. Evelin Arust, University of Tartu – Estonia’s experience with the Core Trust Seal
  3. Gultekin Gurdal – Izmir Institute of Technology – National approach to improve practices in repositories in Turkey
  4. Koh Sugawara – Hitotsubashi University – Using the COAR Community Framework for Best Practices in Repositories in Japan
Transforming the Role of Repositories: The Notify Project

This session provided an update on the progress to-date of the COAR Notify Project. The aim of this project is to develop a standard and interoperable approach that will link reviews and endorsements from different services with the research outputs housed in the distributed network of preprint servers, archives, and repositories. We asked participants to contribute other use cases (beyond peer review) and to bring their ideas, questions, and comments.

Paul Walk, Martin Klein, and Kathleen Shearer

Friday, October 1
12th COAR General Assembly
The General Assembly is the COAR Business Meeting where present COAR’s accomplishments over the last year, new activities for this year, and the election of the next Executive Board.
Presenting Some New Resources

Learn more about the COAR Controlled Vocabularies and the COAR/FECYT Aggregator Dashboard.