One of the most challenging aspects of managing a repository is to raise the visibility of repository services in order to ensure researchers are contributing their research outputs. In our recent survey of COAR members, “engaging with the research community” was rated as the top major challenge for respondents.

To address this issue, COAR will be undertaking a number of activities to document effective practices for repository services in engaging with the research communities. As a start, COAR organized a webinar yesterday with three presenters who shared their different experiences.

Here is a summary of my major takeaways from the presentations:

There are no easy answers, but a multidimensional approach, working on several levels, is most effective including some or all of the following:

  • Adopt institutional requirements or policies (e.g. For research assessment, you articles must be in the repository)
  • Provide incentives for researchers (e.g. If you deposit, you can then have access to the APC fund)
  • Include the repository in a suite of other services that are offered to researchers (e.g. We can help you with publishing, or with managing your data)
  • Develop promotional material targeted at the research community
  • Create more user friendly tools and interfaces (e.g. Improve the deposit interface)

And, perhaps most important:

  • Nurture strong relationships with researchers and research departments at the institution

The video of the presentations is available on YouTube

Thanks to our three presenters:

  • Isabel Bernal, Spanish National Research Council | DIGITAL.CSIC: Services to Engage institutional Users.
  • Tuija Korhonen, Helsinki University Library | Data Support Services at the University of Helsinki
  • Edit Görögh, University of Debrecen & University of Göttingen | Researcher Engagement at the University of Debrecen