COAR is pleased to announce the release of the COAR Community Framework for Good Practices in Repositories, Version 2

The aim of the Framework is to provide a global, multidimensional framework for good practices in repositories that can be applied to different types of repositories (publication, institutional, data, etc.) and across geographical and thematic contexts.

This version was developed based on a review of Version 1 by the COAR Repository Assessment Working Group, and with widespread community input through a public consultation process. This version contains Essential and Desired Criteria in eight sections: (1) Discovery, (2) Access, (3) Reuse, (4) Integrity and Authenticity, (5) Quality Assurance, (6) Preservation, (7) Sustainability and Governance, and (8) Other Areas

This new version includes a number of new criteria and clarifies the wording of others.

Numerous other criteria and recommended practices were taken into account in the development of the COAR Framework, with the aim of adopting a balanced approach that is widely implementable, applicable, and comprehensive.

As with the previous version, COAR invites interested parties to translate the framework into their own language and we will post the translated versions on the website.

We also strongly encourage our members who are hosting translated versions to note on those versions that there is a more recent version available.

In the coming months, COAR will also be working to develop some guidance materials and links to external resources that can help the community more easily implement these characteristics.

We extend our thanks to the members of the COAR Repository Assessment Working Group for their work, and to the community at large for their excellent input.