We are seeking community input until March 20, 2022

The Framework brings together relevant criteria developed by other communities (and refined by the COAR Repository Assessment Working Group) into a global, multidimensional framework for assessing best practices that can be adopted and used by different types of repositories (publication, institutional, data, etc.) and in different geographical and thematic contexts.

We are inviting three types of input:

1. Comments on the existing criteria

2. Suggestions for new criteria

3. Links to examples, guidance, and best practices for implementation of a given criteria in repositories

The aim is to publish version 2 of the Framework in May 2022.

All comments will be made publicly available and will be reviewed by the COAR Working Group and assessed based on the following criteria:

  • Ease of Adoption – Is this characteristic too difficult to implement?
  • Relevance – Is criteria appropriate for all repositories?

View the full Framework, version 1

Community input is being collected via the COAR CommentPress site, which allows you to provide feedback directly in the relevant section.