The Confederation of Open Access Repositories (COAR) is facilitating a discussion about interoperability among Open Access repositories within the global context. To kick off this process, COAR has released a briefing paper, “The Case for Interoperability for Open Access Repositories,” an overview of interoperability and selected current issues. The paper is available on the COAR Interoperability Project web site.

The next step is to collect and analyze stakeholder input about the current interoperability environment. We invite you to participate and submit your thoughts about current and anticipated interoperability challenges, problems for the research community that might be addressed by interoperability guidelines, barriers to progress, and other related issues. Questions to start the dialogue are posted on the COAR Interoperability Project web site..

We encourage participants to raise new questions, respond to the posted questions, and respond to others’ comments.

The discussion will be available on the COAR web site until approximately 22-October 2011. After that, we will review input and define and draft the COAR Roadmap for Global Open Access Repository Interoperability (estimated timeframe: 4th quarter 2011, 1st quarter 2012).

We hope to have a lively discussion!