COAR is pleased to share with you a proposed model for a standard approach to peer review of resources in repositories.

The proposed model, prepared by Paul Walk, Martin Klein, Herbert Van de Sompel, and Kathleen Shearer with input from use case contributors, is open for public comment until September 11, 2020.

The resource-oriented nature of the Web is well suited to an environment which places value in the fact that control of resources is distributed across a large number of repositories. In such an environment, it makes sense to take a pass-by-reference approach to interaction between different networked services, rather than relying on machine or human mediated processes to pass copies of resources around the network.

Resources in repositories have stable URIs that can be used for referencing. This means that a request for review can be sent as a standards-based notification that carries a resource’s stable URI to the inbox of a review service. This also means that the review service can obtain the resource that is to be reviewed by visiting that stable URI. From there, the actual resource can be retrieved by following some simple standards-based navigational conventions (e.g., retrieve the full text of a preprint, automatically, from having accessed a landing page describing it). Generally, this means that it becomes possible to invoke and use remote services on the network, by passing instructions to them together with, crucially, URIs identifying particular resources.

This document presents some simple models and vocabularies for using standard notification protocols to achieve common interactions between repositories and overlay peer review services, based on the use cases provided.

This model builds on work undertaken through the Next Generation Repository initiative at COAR to define new behaviours and innovations for repositories. In this document, we are proposing a standard approach for peer review services on distributed resources contained in repositories, archives, preprint servers and other data providers.

The model is also available as pdf document: Modelling Overlay Peer Review Processes with Linked Data Notifications