CARLCOAR joint webinar on institutional repository (IR) usage statistics was held yesterday with number of participants. The webinar was moderated by Leah Vanderjagt, Digital Repository Services Coordinator at University of Alberta.

She made an introduction for the webinar pointing out the need for standardised metrics for repositories and the efforts of RAMP and IRUS-UK initiatives which are tackling this issue.

Speakers, Kenning Arlitsch, Dean at Montana State University Library and Paul Needham, Research and Innovation Manager at Kings Norton Library at Cranfield University, provided us with two very informative talks on each project.

You can find the recording of the webinar and the slides at the following links:

Recording: Arlitsch, Kenning, Needham, Paul, & Vanderjagt, Leah. (2017). CARL-COAR Joint Webinar on IR Usage Statistics.

Slides: Arlitsch, Kenning. (2017, October). RAMP: Repository Analytics & Metrics Portal: Accurately measuring citable content downloads from institutional repositories.

Slides: Needham, Paul. (2017, October). IRUS-UK: Standardised institutional repository usage statistics