Unique Issues for Interoperability in India and Asia: 

What are the key challenges related to OA repository interoperability in India and Asia? What issues are unique to this area? How do bandiwdth issues, Internet access, and the use of mobile devices play into repository interoperability issues?


Is language a factor in OA repository interoperability?


How do libraries work together to support interoperability?


Who are the leaders in this area? What libraries, institutions, or other organizations support OA repository interoperability in India and Asia? What more is needed? How can organizations such as COAR support OA repository interoperability for India and Latin America?

Best Practices, Lessons Learned, Success Stories:

What are some examples or success stories related to regional efforts to support repository interoperability? Are there documented best practices?

What else do we need to know about interoperability for OA repositories as it relates specifically to India and Asia?