Slides and the recording of COAR webinar Publishing Controlled Vocabularies for Access and Reuse by Rowan Brownlee are now available.

This work covers the questions of how may vocabularies be published online for access by people and software? What is SKOS and how does it support vocabulary reuse? What are some examples of tools that help people work on vocabularies without requiring them to possess highly detailed technical knowledge? Discussion of areas include:

  • An introduction to SKOS, why it was developed, and how it may be used to express the features of a controlled vocabulary.
  • Tools for creating, managing, publishing and accessing vocabularies, including those provided by the Australian National Data Service (ANDS), through the Research Vocabularies Australia (RVA) service.
  • Vocabulary registry interoperability.  What if there were a network of vocabulary registries providing shared access to resources?
  • An overview of the Australian Vocabulary Special Interest Group (AVSIG), which has as one of its areas of focus support and guidance for those starting out with vocabularies.