Since the launch of COAR in 2009, a major strategic priority for the organization has been the alignment of repository networks across the world. In 2015 these efforts were expanded through the support of the European Commission-funded OpenAIRE2020 and OpenAIRE Advance project.

COAR’s Alignment Activities

The aim of these efforts is to develop a global knowledge commons that provides seamless access to research outputs for the research community and all of society.

Who is involved in these efforts?

  • COAR has over 140 individual institutional members from 50 countries on all 5 continents

  • COAR has relationships with repository networks and communities of practice in Africa, Canada, Latin America, Europe, Russia, Asia, China, Japan

  • COAR has strategic partnerships with africaXiv, LIBER, Research Data Alliance, SPARC, SPARC Europe

  • COAR engages regularly with the open source repository platforms