Project Description

Open access repositories are increasingly connected through thematic, national and regional networks, which build important services on top of content such as discovery, analytics and assessment.

Repository networks differ in their scope, operations and functionalities, and they often have distinct requirements based on their unique user communities and jurisdictions. However, in order to support the global nature of research, it is important that the networks have some level of interoperability. Collaboration and dialogue between networks is therefore critical.

COAR aims to foster greater cooperation between regional repository networks by identifying common principles and areas of collaboration that can lead to concrete actions and the development of global services. To increase the alignment of repository networks (e.g. Africa, Canada, Europe, Japan, Korea, Latin America, Russia)  COAR is promoting the adoption of common, open APIs and metadata standards, data sharing across networks, knowledge exchange, and technology transfer. The aim is to ensure a general level of interoperability, while still supporting the unique functions and use cases of each network. COAR also collaborates with regional and national partners to strengthen and enhance local repository operations and repository networks around the world.

Much of this work is being done with OpenAIRE, under the auspices OpenAIRE Advance project funded by the European Commission.