Project Description

COAR’s main efforts in this area currently are through our work on the COAR Notify Project. This project is developing a standardized model to connect peer review and overlay publishing services with repositories. For more information, visit the Notify Project webpage.

The project builds on previous efforts such as the COAR Next Generation Repositories Initiative, the Pubfair White Paper, and a generic technical model that outlines the technical framework for connecting repositories with other value added services.

With COVID-19 and the UNESCO Open Science Recommendation, open access and open science are high on the agenda of many countries around the world.  This presents an important opportunity for the repository community. Repositories are already increasingly considered critical research infrastructures that support inclusiveness and diversity in open science. However, working together, we can also harness the power of our global network to transform the scholarly communications system, making it less costly, more innovative, and community-owned.

The COAR Notify Project is developing the technical glue that will build iin widespread interoperability across system and lead to a positive transformation of scholarly communications.

Links and Resources

The Notify Project

Next Generation Repositories Initiative

Pubfair Whitepaper