Project Description

COAR is interested in advancing innovative models for scholarly publishing with a special focus on expanding the role of repositories within this ecosystem. In particular, COAR promotes a highly distributed approach, whereby peer reviews and overlay journals connect to the diverse content contained in the distributed network of repositories. Our vison aligns with new developments such as:

  • Publish then review models, which have been gaining traction with several recent announcements from publishers that they will only review manuscripts already published as preprints
  • Open peer review as an alternative to traditional journals, something that was endorsed by cOALition S, which announced in July 2022 that scholarly papers that have been subject to a journal-independent standard peer review process with an implicit or explicit validation are considered to be of equivalent merit as an article published in a traditional journal, and
  • Research assessment reform such as those being advanced by the Coalition for Advancing Research Assessment (CoARA) that aim to reward quality as opposed to the prestige of the publishing venue, along with formal recognition of other valuable research contributions such as research data, code, and so on, in research assessment practices.
COAR has several activities aimed at accelerating innovation in this space
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