• Be part of the largest unique network of major institutions and organizations worldwide related to open access repositories.
  • Raise the profile of your institution and promote your events, activities and achievements
  • Gain access to leaders and practical advice in technical and policy related issues.
  • Save time and money time because of reduced staff efforts at the institutional, national and regional level
  • Stay up-to-date with future developments
  • Contribute to strategic developments in the repository community
  • Contribute to positive changes in the system and help take back control of the scholarly communication system

Current Activities
COAR pursues its vision through an active community of members engaged in working and interest groups, advocacy activities, and educational opportunities.

COAR is platform agnostic. Regardless of the software type or stage of development of your repository, COAR has something to offer your organization.

For more information, contact the COAR Office or Executive Director, Kathleen Shearer.