Providing support for the Open Access repository community from institutions, countries, regions and disciplines, through international cooperation and information sharing is an important objective for COAR. As such, COAR aims to maintain a list of resources and links to relevant training materials for repository managers and administrators.

COAR Repository Toolkit

In the fall of 2018, COAR launched a Repository Toolkit. The aim of the toolkit is to provide repository managers with best practices and educational resources to support interoperability, discoverability and the development of value added services. The toolkit provides access to resources related to the role of repositories, discovery and interoperability, next generation repositories, and contains links to technical information for implementing and managing repository platforms.

COAR Training

COAR invites its members to submit proposals for organising training events. The focus should be on open access repository developments

Past Activities

If you are a COAR member and are interested in getting involved in any of these activities, please contact COAR Office.