This is a COAR Member-Only event

Date: July 10th, Monday 9:30am CEST

Webinar recording and the slides are available here.

CRIS/RIMS (Current Research Information Systems / Research Information Management Systems) are becoming more and more relevant to monitor research activities and outputs, highlighting strengths and weaknesses of institutional performance and providing insight for budget allocation, collaboration and funding opportunities, etc.

Proprietary CRIS are expensive and often compete with Institutional Repositories, draining resources and closing information behind barriers, contrary to the OAI principles.

DSpace-CRIS is a free open-source extension of DSpace, a solution to oppose this trend and reassign the prominent role that Institutional Repositories need to play in the scholarly ecosystem. It extends the scope of the repository supporting a broader range of information typically managed in CRIS/RIMS. Originated in 2009 from a collaboration with the University of Hong Kong, the main characteristic of DSpace-CRIS is a flexible and extensible data model, which allows the creation and management of any kind of entities (such as researchers, organizations, projects, etc.) and the relations among those entities, besides bibliometric, collaboration networks, statistics.

Susanna Mornati, COO of 4Science, will introduce challenges and opportunities of CRIS/RIMS from the perspective of the repository managers. DSpace-CRIS, its main functionalities and its added value for institutions, including the integration with ORCiD and the new add-on modules for viewing images and documents, video/audio streaming and data management will be presented.

Andrea Bollini, CTIO of 4Science, will present the open source technologies and the international standards adopted for DSpace-CRIS (e.g.: IIIF and CKAN), the interoperability with external systems and the new enhancements that came with the latest releases. The evolution from traditional IRs to components of a VRE (Virtual Research Environment) will be explored.

About Speakers:
Susanna Mornati is Head of Operations at 4Science, Italy. She has an international reputation in the Open Access and Open Science communities. She directed the project of implementing DSpace-CRIS at 67 Italian HE and research institutions in 2015. In the same year she directed the project for ORCiD at the national level in Italy. Both projects involved over 60,000 researchers and were successfully achieved in just a few months thanks to her wonderful team. Susanna has been enthusiastically working with DSpace since 2003.

Andrea Bollini is the Chief Technology and Innovation Officer at 4Science, with the responsibility of ensuring the use of the most efficient technologies to effectively achieve the results of each project. Andrea is actively involved in various international open-source and open-standards communities: Deputy Leader of the CERIF Task Group of euroCRIS, member of the COAR Working Group on “Next Generation Repositories”, and especially a strong advocate of the DSpace platform, Committer and Lead of the REST API sub-team for DSpace 7.