We have picked some conveniently located hotels for you. All the hotels as well as the venue are close to the library and/or the main railway station. Therefore we recommend choosing one of the hotels below.

Hotel name Address Information
Hotel Linné Skolgatan 45, 753 32, Uppsala Prices include: WiFi
Hotel Svava Bangardsgatan 24, Uppsala, 751 44 Prices include: breakfast
Akademihotellet (The Academy Hotel) Övre Slottsgatan, 5753 10 Uppsala Prices include: WiFi, Sauna, washing maschine and tumbler
Hotel Uppsala Kungsgatan 27,
753 21 Uppsala
Prices include: WiFi
Hotell Charlotte St Johannesgatan 31 c,                752 33 UPPSALA Prices include: tax and breakfast, WiFi, free tea and coffee around the clock