Presentations and posters from the meeting are now available

Controlled Vocabularies Open Session

1. Introduction and work to date
2. Prototype implementation of the COAR Resource Type vocabulary in DSpace
3. COAR Resource Type Vocabulary in the Classification Server of the University of Vienna
4. Work to implement the COAR Vocabularies into existing guidelines OpenAIRE
5. Challenges in adopting the vocabularies Japan
6. Challenges in adopting the vocabularies Portugal
7. Challenges in adopting the vocabularies LA

Aligning Repository Networks Strategic Meeting

Announcement of the International Accord: Aligning Repository Networks

Regional Updates and Status of Alignment

  1. Latin America
  2. Japan
  3. China
  4. Europe
  5. United States
  6. Canada
  7. South Africa

Discussion of Strategic Issues

  1. MIT Future of Libraries Report
  2. Licensing negotiations
  3. ORCID IDs – why, or why not?
  4. Improving the visibility of repositories

Next Generation Repositories

  1. Introduction to next generation, next steps, implementation and adoption
  2. Data syncing and notifications
  3. Text and data mining and recommender systems
  4. Peer review, annotation and commenting
  5. What does the next generation repository look like?
  6. What can be done right now?

Research Data Management Session

  1. Supporting researchers in managing data
  2. Outcomes of the Learn Project
  3. Portage Network

Poster Session

  1. Fernandez-del-Pino, Belén. (2017). InvestigaM: Consorsio Madrono towards Open Science.
  2. Serrano-Vicente, Rocio, Melero, Remedios, & Abadal, Ernest. (2017). Yeses and Noes of Institutional Repositories (IRs): The case of Spanish IRs.
  3. Orth, Astrid. (2017). metrics: MEasuring The Reliability and perceptions of Indicators for interactions with sCientic productS.
  4. MacIntyre, Ross. (2017). IRUS-UK: on the road to Open Metrics.
  5. Rice, Robin. (2017). Data Curation Lifecycle Management at the University of Edinburgh.
  6. Biagioni, Stefania, & Giannini, Silvia. (2017). Grey Guide: A Community Driven Open Resource Project in Grey Literature.
  7. Szabo, Zsuzsa. (2017). Discovering Research Data Practices at University of Debrecen.
  8. Szabo, Zsuzsa. (2017). Landscape of Hungarian Repositories 2017.