Open Knowledge Repository of the World Bank

Since 2012, the World Bank has fully embraced Open Access by implementing an OA policy for its research and knowledge; adopting the most liberal Creative Commons license (CC-BY); and developing and launching the Open Knowledge Repository (OKR), the most visible manifestation of the World Bank’s push towards of Open Access. These three items act in unison to optimize the discoverability, accessibility, and re-use of World Bank content. While the Open Knowledge Repository is still very young, it already hosts over 12,000 publications and has had over 1.8 million downloads!

Click here to read the full World Bank Open Knowledge Repository Profile.

TU Delft

TU Delft is a university in the Netherlands with a strong and vibrant repository program. As we learned through our conversations, the TU Delft repository program has launched a program that we think may be the first in the world to use goats to raise awareness about Open Access and promote researchers’ work in such a personal way.

Click here to read the profile in full and learn about the TU Delft Repository, their farm animal donation program, and other interesting tidbits.