Picture U.Porto profileAt the University of Porto (U.Porto) both repository and CRIS are being used as part of the local e-infrastructure. U.Porto Open Repository is the largest institutional repository on RCAAP, the Portuguese Open Access Scientific Repository, hosting 32.616 full text CC-BY works as of September 2014.

SIGARRA-CRIS and U.Porto Open Repository are interoperable. When on the SIGARRA-CRIS the full text of a publication is registered and available on a CC BY basis both the corresponding metadata and the digital object are automatically transferred to the U.Porto Open Repository.

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Picture RCAAP_PTCRIS profileRCAAP (Repositório Cientifico de Acesso Aberto de Portugal) is the main instrument for open access development in Portugal. It is a national open access initiative with 42 Institutional Repositories, one shared repository with 30 institutions, 30 Scientific journals and ore than 185.000 OA docs.

PTCRIS is a program that aims to ensure the creation and sustained development of a national integrated information ecosystem (PTCRIS) to support research management.

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Picture UofG profileThe University of Glasgow has established the “Enlighten” IR and Research system. The IR holds 72,000 items for institutional peer-reviewed journal articles, published conference papers, books and book chapters.

The Research System is an in-house-built system holding research information for institutional research activity, including people, organisations, projects and outputs. It is dynamically linked to the Enlighten IR.

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Picture CEICE profileREPOSITAN is the official name of the institutional Open Access Respository for the Region of Andalusia hosted by CEICE, the regional ministery that funds research, development and innovation projects within the whole region. The repository is part of SICA2, the second generation of an institutional Competence Research Information System.

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