We process your personal data only to the extent necessary for the provision of the website, its contents, our services and our communication with you.

We process data exclusively for these purposes. We do not create user profiles, do not use the data for advertising purposes, and do not sell them to third parties.

Only those data are collected which are really necessary or which you decide to transmit to us. This includes, for example, information to uniquely identify you when you visit the website or log in to your account, information to prevent spam, or your contact details if you have contacted us.

The processing of data is by agreement only, unless such an agreement is not possible before the data processing. This concerns, for example, data that is collected when you visit our website.

All data, regardless of the context in which it was collected, will be deleted by us as soon as it is no longer needed, for example when you close the page and end the connection in this way.

This text is not the legally binding privacy policy of the website. You can find that down below.

You will also find complete information on the processing of data, such as a list of which data we process, for what purposes, and how you can object to the processing.

It also indicates the legal basis of the data processing.