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Collection of personal data

The data sent by your browser is only processed internally and used for the administration of this website. We do not pass this information to third parties in any form. Merely when we are obliged by means of a court decision to do so, we disclose the information.

The following information is saved during your visit:

  • Date and time
  • Browser version, display resolution and operating system
  • Name of your internet service provider
  • Visited pages
  • Referrer
  • Your IP address, shortened by the last byte (e.g.

Even though this information is stored pseudonymously and cannot be directly assigned to your person, you can opt-out from any data collection during your visit (see below).

If you log into your account, participate in the discussions on this website, or an error occurs during your visit, your full IP address is saved but in the latter case deleted after 7 days.


We use cookies to track your usage of this site pseudonymously, or to store your decision of not being tracked. If you are logged in, your username is also stored via a cookie. Cookies may also be used by third-party sites that we are using to display maps, videos or other external content.

External links

Our website contains links to third-party sites. Though we visit those websites regularely, we have no influence on their content or data protection policies and thus cannot be made responsible.


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