The Role of Repositories in the Radical Transformation of Scholarly Communications

May 17 – May 20, 2022


This year’s meeting focused on initiatives to connect, modernize, and innovate repositories and their networks. With COVID-19 and the UNESCO Open Science Recommendation, open access and open science are high on the agenda of many countries around the world.  This presents an important opportunity for the repository community. Repositories are already increasingly considered critical research infrastructures that support inclusiveness and diversity in open science. Working together, we can further harness the power of the global repository network to transform the scholarly communications system, making it less costly, more innovative, and community-owned.

The meeting took place at the CSIC Instituto de  Química Física Rocasolano, Spanish National Research Council

Recordings and Presentations

1. Update on the COAR Notify Project


    Presentations: Introduction to the COAR Notify ProjectStatus update: implementation of Notify in DSpace

2. Keynote by Dr. Björn Brembs


    Presentation: Defund the journals and fund repositories instead

3. Avoiding Pitfalls and Charting the Course for Repositories: Researcher Input

    Recordings: Jean-Claude Guédon | Subbiah Arunachalam |Kathleen Fitzpatrick | András Holl

4. Modernizing the Global Repository Network

    Recordings: Latin America | Africa |United States | Europe | Australia/New Zealand | Japan | United Kingdom