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Towards a global knowledge commons


Welcome to the COAR Open Access Repository Interoperability Forum. The purpose of this online forum is to facilitate an open discussion about global repository interoperability challenges.

New topics for discussion:

Continued topics for discussion:

For more details about interoperability and Open Access repositories, please refer to our briefing paper, “A Case for Interoperability.”

How can you participate?

Everyone involved in supporting scholarly communication, Open Access, and eResearch is invited to participate in the interoperability discussion. Use the comments area to respond to our questions, engage in dialogue with other participants, post new questions, and suggest ideas we should discuss in coming weeks.

The forum will run until 15 October 2011. After that, members of the team will review comments and input from participants which will inform our next steps. The team will them determine a plan of action for establishing a COAR roadmap for global repository interoperability. If you’re interested in working with us to establish a COAR roadmap, please fill out this form and a member of the team will get in touch with you.

Last, you can participate by letting others know about the forum and checking back often throughout the duration of the online event.

Thank you!

Major Challenges

What are the major challenges facing the repository community in achieving interoperability? What issues do current interoperability guidelines not address? What problems exist within the research community that might be addressed by interoperability in the future? What are the major barriers for implementing interoperability guidelines? Leave your suggestions in the comments.

Global Interoperability

What are the major challenges related to achieving global interoperability of Open Access repositories? What sort of support structures would best support global interoperability? What models exist for creating a global repository infrastructure? What are the major language-related issues? How can they be solved? Leave your suggestions in the comments.