COAR supports repositories today and positions them to play a key role in the future.


Next Generation Repositories

Next Generation Repositories (NGRs) is an ongoing initiative of COAR to identify common behaviours, protocols and technologies that will …


Regional Initiatives and Alignment

Open access repositories are increasingly connected through thematic, national, and regional networks, which build important services on top of …


Metadata and Vocabularies

The potential to create a unified body of scholarly materials relies on interoperability – specifically, that repositories follow consistent …


Research Data Management

Good research data management is one of the foundations of research excellence. It supports the verification of research conclusions, …


Annual Meetings

Each year, COAR organizes an Annual Meeting and General Assembly hosted by a member institution. The Annual Meetings are …


Training and Capacity Building

Providing support for the Open Access repository community is an important objective for COAR. COAR participates in numerous conferences, …

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A global repository network

COAR is an international association with 154 members and partners from 51 countries, representing libraries, universities, research institutions, government funders and others.

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