Join forces with major institutions and organizations from around the world to build an open, sustainable and inclusive system for scholarly communications.

Members Benefits

  • Contribute to defining the strategic directions for repositories
  • Stay up-to-date with trends and developments
  • Gain access to leaders and practical advice in technical and policy related issues
  • Save time and money time because of reduced staff efforts at the institutional, national and regional level
  • Raise the profile of your institution and promote your events, activities and achievements
  • Contribute to positive changes in the system and help take back control of the scholarly communication system

COAR membership is open to any organization that is a legal entity and is a not-for-profit institution of higher education, research, infrastructure, and/or technology.

Regular membership

Organizations may apply as an individual member for 750 EUR or members of a group and receive a discount price for each participating institution.

Single membership

  • Fee per institution

11–30 institutions

  • Fee per institution (10% discount)

31–50 institutions

  • Fee per institution (20% discount)

Special membership

If your institution is located in one of the Least Developed Countries (LDCs) according to the list of the United Nations, you are exempt from regular membership fees, but expected to contribute through COAR activities.

Become a partner

COAR has partnerships with organizations that share our vision. Partners pay no fees to participate in COAR, but partnerships are developed based on specific objectives and activities agreed to by both organizations.